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ASOS Competition!!

Hi Guys, In my last blog post I said that I would be writing more, sadly this coincided with my laptop breaking but now new laptop is here, I am back (sounds cringey already) and I have a really exciting thing to share with you. If you saw my Instagram, Snapchat stories from the last…


Why I decided to start this blog

It’s coming up to a year since I started this blog, and I am very aware that I have not written for a couple of months. Part of it has been writers block and other parts was me doubting my ability to write good content. I thought to release myself back into blogging was to…


Why we should remove the label ‘psycho’ in relationships

Food for thought.


Sparkly clothes to shake and shimmy at

Sparkle is my favourite colour

When the date doesn’t go to plan

When the date doesn’t go to plan

When the date doesn’t go to plan by mollychatterton featuring vintage handbags Valentino pink evening gown£5,355 – Manolo Blahnik pointy-toe pumps£475 – Chanel vintage 14k gold jewelry£400 – Kismet star Mimco moisturizing lipstick£4.19 – Urban Decay moisturizing lipstick£8.79 – Beauty product£18 – Bobbi Brown Cosmetics nail polish£12 – Escoda Chungking Natural Bristle Cap de Llauna – BLICK art materials£4.78 –

Milk and Honey

Milk and Honey

Milk and Honey by mollychatterton featuring stone statues Marc Jacobs brown tank dress£1,280 – Burnt orange pea coat£680 – Gucci black mules shoes£430 – Allsaints bag£80 – Spray perfume£105 – Ethan Allen stone statue£130 –

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Celebrating the Itty Bitty Titty Committee

The best is in the breast


Untitled #1

This post is going to be fairly personal. But unashamedly so. I was facetiming a close friend of mine last night, she is in the early stages of a breakup and I was giving her any advice I could. She simply said to me ‘how did you do it?’. No one in our close circle…


Valentines Day

Dear Lover’s of love, As the grand philosopher of our generation, Fred from First Dates said, ‘You can have diamond rings, fancy things, but if you don’t have love – at the end you have got nothing.’ In my view, you can’t ever have enough diamonds but that is besides the point. I’m pretty sure…


Why Teen Vogue dragging Donald Trump was the light at the end of 2016 that I kind of needed

Disclaimer: My choice for the header picture is simple. The woman is Lauren Duca, the author of the article that I am writing about. Tucker Carlson, a male Fox news presenter makes a sexist remark towards her. All images are courtesy of Vogue Magazine Instagram and AOL. Gone are the days of matching your lip-gloss…