Welcome to ‘Mollyrachel’ my personal fashion and lifestyle blog.

I am a 22 year old Bristol-based blogger, freelance writer and content executive.

I started Molly Rachel three years ago to give myself some much needed creative expression and to improve my writing skills.

Starting primarily as a fashion blog, I originally wanted to hone my writing skills within the paradigms of fashion language. From placing perfectly constructed sybaritic sentences to navigating convoluted topics within the fashion industry, I wanted to prove to others and myself that this is an industry where I belong. But, throughout these three years, my blog has grown to encompass a range of topics. Not only how I navigate the life of a woman in her twenties, but also writing blogs on topics that I have come to love.

So, I have split my blog into a few distinct pages:

Fashion: Here, I write about trends I have noticed, clothes I am drawn towards, and items that should be in your wardrobe – all within the price bracket that a young twenty-something could afford. The lens on how I have viewed fashion and clothes throughout my life has changed. In my university years, I bought clothes to validate myself in both my own eyes and the eyes of others. This meant that I was firmly in the grip of fast fashion. Today, as I become more educated on issues surrounding sustainability and climate change, my lens is increasingly becoming more green.

Creative: I have always had a vibrant imagination, and reading beautiful works of fiction is one of my safe spaces. So naturally, I have indulged in creative writing pursuits myself. Here is my space to post any creative writing that I have done, ranging from poetry to short fiction pieces and children’s literature.

Food: To put it simply, I love food. I love cooking, eating out at nice restaurants, trying new recipes, learning new techniques and the feeling of nourishment. Here, I will document and post my own recipes that I have come up with, all created from affordable ingredients.

Personal: This is the ‘icky’ space where I air my dirty laundry and opinions. Many of these posts are cathartic or advice pieces, where I share the few pearls of wisdom that I have gained through growth. From my struggles with anxiety to relationships, this is a place where I feel I can share how I have been feeling so it can hopefully help others who are going through similar things.

Truthfully, I love writing. Sometimes, it feels as easy as breathing and other times it doesn’t at all. I never thought this was a problem – perhaps I just have writer’s block? Yet at university, I was diagnosed with a mild SPLD. What I have doesn’t have a name, yet it can be defined as a mild form of dyslexia. Essentially I find it harder than others to structure my writing. Yet, this truly hasn’t held me back at all! If anything, to overcome these small hurdles in my brain, I just need to write more!

I currently work as a jewellery copywriter and marketing exec for Lillicoco, an antique jewellery company based in Bristol. Day to day I devise their blogs, write SEO focused pages, list new jewellery, help out with their Instagram and have recently taken up the reigns of their email marketing campaigns.

Email: Mollychatterton147@hotmail.co.uk

Have fun exploring!

Molly x