The Ultimate Summer Prawns Recipe

It’s hot, it’s heady and it’s finally barbecue season! 

I came up with this prawn recipe before a family barbecue a few years ago and I have to say, it’s pretty darn delicious! A combination of desiccated coconut, honey, lime and spices – these prawns are zesty and zingly in all of the right places. The honey helps to caramelise the prawns, and the desiccated coconut gives it a lovely texture akin to breadcrumbs – so perfect for those who are Gluten-free!

Prawn Wraps-11

These prawns I also included within a prawn tacos recipe that I made and the combination of flavours with sweetcorn, avocado, cherry tomatoes and coriander were a hit. So, if you don’t have a barbecue coming up, then make these yummy prawns for your next Mexican fusion night. I say fusion because of the spice mix. 

The original spice mix that I used was “Thai Seven Spice” that I found in my Dad’s food cupboard whilst I was creating this dish. The spices themselves are chilli powder, dried onion, coriander seed, ground ginger, dried lemon, sugar, ground cumin, dried chillies, ground cinnamon, star anise, white pepper, cayenne pepper, dried jalapeno chillis and green peppercorns.

However, when preparing for this blog I couldn’t find this spice mix in any of my local supermarkets (typical), so I decided to get creative and use a combination of the Sainsbury’s “Thai Style Seasoning” and “Chinese Five Spice” to hopefully get the desired taste, and again, I have to say, it was pretty delicious. 

Prawn Wraps-2

So if you can’t get your hand on Schwartz, making a combination of these spices above can achieve the desired flavourful effect. 

This marinade is incredibly easy and quick to make. (For the tacos this comfortably made enough for two people, so adjust according to feeding size)

Prawn Wraps

2 targe teaspoons of Schwartz Seven Thai Spice or “Thai Style Seasoning” or “Chinese Five Spice”

1 tablespoon of Honey

150g of Desiccated Coconut

1 tablespoon of Olive Oil or Coconut Oil – I used rapeseed oil in the pictures below but olive oil and coconut oil would be my recommended go to. 

1 Lime freshly squeezed



250g Raw Prawns 

Mix the above ingredients in a bowl depending on quantities, making this a delicious sticky marinade, then pour over the raw prawns and leave for the flavours to mingle for at least an hour. 

Prawn Wraps-3

Then place the prawns on the hot barbecue or fry them on a griddle or frying pan for it to cook!

Prawn Wraps-8

Serve on their own as a side, or add them to prawn tacos for a delicious meal! In these prawn tacos I included: 

Homemade guacamole 

Prawn Wraps-4

Homemade salad salsa with cherry tomatoes, red onion, cucumber, mango, coriander and sweetcorn.

Prawn Wraps-5

Homemade turmeric rice with onions and garlic.

Prawn Wraps-6

And of course, store-bought small taco wraps! 

So easy, so delicious, quick and yummy yummy yummy. Why not try them this weekend or next week?

Molly x

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