Exploring Bristol as a Graduate – Four Frequents that I Love to Go To in The Centre of Bristol

It is no secret that being a graduate it a task unto itself. A delicate combination of vulnerability, determination, and grit, you need to carefully curate yourself more than ever in a well of social media, job applications, and social politeness.

However, despite this being a difficult unchartered trajectory of personal growth, being a graduate is also a place where you can still reap the benefits of the skeletal remains of your student life. For example, buying student bus tickets on the First app without being questioned (now risen to £1.60, how dare they), to preserving your hard-earned alcohol tolerance for drinking on both weeknights and weekends, and being able to scope out the cheapest student deals with a finely-tuned hawk’s eye.

Exploring Bristol as a graduate is also a treat, if you haven’t already – I strongly recommend reading my previous blog post on why I chose to return to my childhood city after I graduated. You can view this blog post here. Though it is quite lengthy and personal, it gives an insight into my current thought process. Hopefully, it can be a helping hand to other graduates in my position that feel nervous, but also perhaps some shame, of re-treading streets they imprinted their baby steps on (yet, of course, you shouldn’t feel shame at all!)

Below, are some of my new favourite haunts that I have rediscovered as a young woman, bathing Bristol in a new light altogether. Perfect for those who are googling ‘where to eat in Bristol’.

The Grain Barge

A stone’s throw from my flat, The Grain Barge is a fitting example of Bristol’s excellence of fusing entertainment and socialising within a maritime frame. They also serve glasses of Vinho Verde, a sweet and sparkling Portuguese green wine that tantalises my taste buds, and can be hard to find amongst the usual red, wine and rosé listings of every other pub.

The Apple

You can’t simply not come to the South West and taste its sweet ciders. Although I am partial to a Thatcher’s haze, the Apple has a myriad of ciders including one called the ‘Thundering Molly’. Similarly, to The Grain Barge, the Apple is also an epitome of Bristol’s characterful and unique nature –  being a drinking spot on a boat. If you can’t decide between ‘Sheppie’s Sweet’ and ‘The Old Bristolian’, they also offer the classic Thatcher’s for those who don’t like to veer away from the mainstream.

The Arnolfini

The Arnolfini is a conglomerate of a social space, modern art gallery, library, bookshop and stylish café. Poised on the edge of the waterfront, its tables are often crammed on a nice summer’s evening with young adults socialising and overlooking the bustling centre of Bristol’s harbour. It also has a recent installation called Fluffy Library that opened this week, which I most certainly will be taking a peek into.

Wapping Wharf

Tucked away behind the M-Shed, a museum about Bristol’s rich history, is Wapping Wharf;  A hub of trendy restaurants constructed in the shell’s of cargo containers and also in Scandinavian style modern architecture. Interconnected with glittering fairy lights, and an old unused train track running through the centre, it is a chic fusion of Bristol’s industrial past and it’s youthful future.

From the Athenian, that does the best halloumi fries, souvlaki and gyros, to Cargo Cantina, (a vibrant Mexican that when you exclaim ‘tap water please’ it gives you a recycled tequila bottle filled with clear liquid that could easily be mistaken for tequila, but of course it is actually just water), there are numerous eateries to explore.

A few steps more and you will find organic produce shops, flower shops, Asian noodle and sushi restaurants like Woky Ko and 7 Lucky Gods to Bertha’s Pizza, a sourdough pizza restaurant that honestly gives me shivers of pleasure when I think about it. This eclectic collection of restaurants and bars is certainly one for those who love food and simultaneously loves the culture that comes with it  – of eating out, glass of wine and all.

As I explore this city more, and hopefully as I can find a way to flaunt my disposable income on more than just & Other Stories – then I will most likely blog more about Bristol’s best independent restaurants that I cannot wait to take a bite into.

Thanks for reading!

Molly x

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