Feeling blue at the weather? Green with envy for those on holiday or at a festival? Why not channel this into your wardrobe?

Disclaimer 26th June 2020: Due to change and education, I have made a pledge to promote only sustainable brands and garments from now on that both fight for a circular economy in fashion and pay garment workers a fair living wage. I have decided to keep all of the former brands and items listed in this blog post as well as keep the original writing for future readers and portfolio. Enjoy reading, shop sustainably. 

With summer on our doorstep, love island on our tv screens and Glastonbury just a few days away – you can forgive us for thinking that we would be drenched in hot weather. Especially after the glorious heat wave from last year. Yet, this clearly does not seem to be the case.

Yet, despite Britain’s lacklustre attempt at hot weather, we still desire to look a little bit summery, even if it is in long sleeves, cut off the hem jeans, and the staple stan smith trainers. We begrudgingly choose a lightweight raincoat, and umbrella as our accessories of the day, rather than a glass of Pimms and sunglasses.


However, no matter the weather, I am always drawn towards the enchanting and fresh shades of blues, greens and turquoises. Rich, sumptuous and inviting they are the colours of Mediterranean oceans, the tips of Santorini roofs, and lush verdant forests. Plus, as I am getting older (yet still none the wiser), I am continuously drawn towards navy as my colour of choice. Warmer toned than black, yet not as stark as white, it is undeniably a classic colour that appears to go with pretty much everything.


Yet, no matter my recent affection for navy, I am always drawn to the different tones of blue and green. Infatuating artists for centuries like Yves Klein, Monet, Van Gogh and Matisse, and being associated with the Virgin; rich blue colours are tinged with melancholy, warmth, sensuality and lustre. Whereas green – it’s cheeky cousin – is joyful, confident, refreshing and, of course, connected to nature.


We cannot forget, of course, in my heart of hearts I will always choose pink and be drawn towards its playfulness too. But there is something more ‘grown up’ and sophisticated about blue and green hues that I can’t seem to quite put my finger on. Nevertheless, I am currently fully embracing it in my wardrobe and saved shopping baskets.

Now that I have rambled on enough, I have put together some of my favourite blue and green threads out there on the high street today.


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