Four Trends That Will Put A Spring Into Your Step

Disclaimer 26th June 2020: Due to change and education, I have made a pledge to promote only sustainable brands and garments from now on that both fight for a circular economy in fashion and pay garment workers a fair living wage. I have decided to keep all of the former brands and items listed in this blog post as well as keep the original writing for future readers and portfolio. Enjoy reading, shop sustainably. 

There is something so perfectly rejuvenating about the fresh spring air. Whether it’s the slightly warmer breeze in the mornings, or the peeping yellow crowns of golden daffodils, this is the time of year where we shake off the hibernating dust of winter and profess that we will take up a new skill, or perhaps try jogging again. The hopefulness of spring is effervescent and, of course, is felt in fashion’s new awakening. Fashion becomes more romantic, colourful, pretty and lightweight, we abandon our heavy winter coats for lighter jackets, we bare our ankles and legs and we await, with patience and determination the vibrant haze of summer.

So, without further ado, I have put together four trends that will certainly put a spring into your step, allowing you to bloom.

Spring Greens

Green has always been quintessentially the colour of new beginnings, and what better way to celebrate the start of spring by wearing green? From lush emerald velvet to pretty sage hues and delicate mint, green is both calming and full of fervour.

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Boiling over

There is something about boiler suits that completely transforms the shape of your body. Oversized but tailored, boiler suits were originally used for practical purposes in aviation. Yet, even if you aren’t getting your hands dirty this spring, definitely consider this classic from the 1930’s to wear during the in-between weather combinations that spring will undoubtedly throw upon you.

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Flippy Skirts

My quest this spring and summer, is to find an adorable mini skirt that has a bit of frill and flounce to it. The reason is, is simply because I am tired of denim. Don’t get me wrong, denim skirts go with absolutely everything, they can easily transcend from both a cute casual day outfit and to a night out. But, I just want something that has more personality and that I can reasonably frolic in with trainers, or dress up with little heeled sandals for the evening.

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Whimsical Whites

White, like black, is a shade that suits all year round. Yet, each year, white moves from its glitzy snowflake appearance that it possesses in winter to pretty feminine shapes in Spring and Summer. From broderie l’anglaise, to milkmaid puffed sleeves, bleached linen and tortoiseshell buttons, these looks are simply beckoning for Mediterranean sun. Yet whites can also be sharp, as evidenced in the Topshop PU biker jacket below – keep it chic with rough cut jeans, black turtleneck and black boots so it really stands out and makes a statement.

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I hope you have enjoyed reading!

Molly x



Images Courtesy of ASOS, And Other Stories, Urban Outfitters, Topshop, Pretty Little Thing, Missguided, New Look, and Zara.


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