My Pre-Autumn Wishlist Part 2

Disclaimer 26th June 2020: Due to change and education, I have made a pledge to promote only sustainable brands and garments from now on that both fight for a circular economy in fashion and pay garment workers a fair living wage. I have decided to keep all of the former brands and items listed in this blog post as well as keep the original writing for future readers and portfolio. Enjoy reading, shop sustainably. 

Earlier this week, I exhibited some of my pre-autumn picks, and as promised, here is the second instalment to the blog post. Here’s hoping this sequel will live up to the first or surpass it? Who knows.

This blog post will focus on some key ensembles to autumn dressing – knit wear, trousers and boots. Autumn and winter have always been the same rotation of clothes for me, never vying away from the classic jumper, jeans and boots combo. I hope this post will bring you some new original picks that might spice up that combo, yet still deliver on the comfort and warmth (as that is the most important thing).


You can never go wrong with snuggly oversized knits in neutral tones of creams, greys, and browns. Each year, I always look for some sort of oversized cream jumper that will go with my endless supply of black and blue jeans that you can just throw on. I also am always drawn towards a high neck jumper as I wear a lot of roll necks in the winter and they are perfect for layering and keeping warm.  However, I also love a good zesty brightly coloured knit just to change up this ensemble and brighten those cold mornings.



Zesty brights:


Recently, much to my surprise I have seen a revival of the age old cardigan, one that I didn’t expect to wear myself until I was a Bishopston yummy mummy (if you live in Bristol you would know.). Yet also more surprisingly I can see the appeal as a perfect transition piece from summer to autumn wardrobe. Cardigans are having a youthful makeover with oversized shapes, bright colours, animal prints and shaggy styles. A far cry from the fine knit pastel variations one can buy in Marks and Spencer.


This probably doesn’t even need an introduction as nice trousers are just key pieces that are relevant all year round and even more so in autumn/winter. This year I want to break my mould of solidly just wearing jeans and get some more fun trousers that can still keep my legs warm in the dropping temperatures. Just because its getting colder doesn’t mean you have to resort to a sombre wardrobe. I have seen plenty of pastel corduroy trousers that are taking my fancy as well as wide leg satin/jacquard ones that are also perfect transition pieces.

Corduroy trousers:

Cord as a fabric is synonymous with cooler months, I think its because of its thicker and velvety texture that makes us want to curl up in a pair. Yet they are more joyful than your average jean. Last January I treated myself to some pink cord dungarees and I haven’t looked back since.

Patterned trousers:

Patterned trousers are another key wardrobe staple (I think this is going to become an overused term.) This is because they are super flattering and are just more interesting. You can play with a lot of different textures, patterns and shapes. Stripes are known to elongate the legs, and even more so with the high waist flare still being a choice amongst our generation. Animal print trousers always resurface in autumn as does the tweed/herringbone fabric. As you are always ripe for choice – here are some of my favourite ones below.





Earlier this year, I realised something was wrong with my wardrobe. During the turmoil that was the Beast from the East, it suddenly became so apparent to me that I really did not have any appropriate footwear with me at university. I trudged to the library, slipping and sliding in my trainers, cursing not bringing my wellies to university simply because, well I think speak for many when I say this, it was so unexpected. Well, this year it won’t be that case as I will get a sensible, yes sensible pair of boots that have enough grip and will keep my ankles warm. As I was searching for the perfect pair of sensible boots I couldn’t help but have my eye drawn towards more elaborate, high heeled styles… so I have included those too.

SENSIBLE BOOTS (in capitals to remind myself that I need these):

NOT SENSIBLE BOOTS (the fancy schmancy ones):

But fabulous. (I’m also loving the rise of the architechtural heel)

And so this concludes my pre-autumn wishlist. I hope, in some way, this cancels out the end of summer blues as we approach the end of august. Have a wonderful rest of summer, you will hear from me again very soon.

Molly x

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