My Pre-autumn wishlist

Disclaimer 26th June 2020: Due to change and education, I have made a pledge to promote only sustainable brands and garments from now on that both fight for a circular economy in fashion and pay garment workers a fair living wage. I have decided to keep all of the former brands and items listed in this blog post as well as keep the original writing for future readers and portfolio. Enjoy reading, shop sustainably. 

Maybe it’s the recent change in weather that has prompted me to start thinking about the cosy autumn months or perhaps it’s the stark reality of me realising that my autumn/winter wardrobe follows the same pattern of jeans, rollneck and an oversized coat. Either way, my morning browse of high street retailers this morning has prompted me to write and list my pre-autumn wishlist. What beholds below is a simplistic array of burnt hues, 60s/70s style clothing and animal print. Hope you enjoy!


The Topshop Croc Embossed Coat is making me salivate over my morning cup of tea. (And actually fun fact inspired todays post!)

I have wanted a bright zingy faux fur coat for awhile now… maybe this year I will actually treat myself to one.

The camel coat is a timeless piece that resurfaces again and again each year. If paired with tortishell buttons – the better.

The waterproof coat – lets be honest we all need one. The pale pink hues are soft yet cheery and will lighten up those rainy mornings.

Skirts and dresses

This year I have decided that I am running low on autumn and winter proof skirts and autumn dresses. My reason for this could be because I over indulge on summer shopping (which I am shameless) or perhaps because I always find that retailers don’t actually think about the future sub-zero temperatures when they design these pieces or style them. A staple for autumn winter will always be the black 80 denier tights that we stock up each year from Primark and harks back to our school days. It always seems to me that dresses and skirts are wonderfully created and styled without them in mind and as much I like the piece before me, I cannot wear it without freezing my legs off. Now perhaps this points to a larger issue that black tights are just not fashionable but sadly I have to acknowledge them as staple – cause lets be honest they just are. Below are my picks for skirts and dresses that actually might be able to pair with black tights (yay!). But also, there are picks which escapes the black tights issue and just leave the ankle to bear the cold which I can just about deal with.


Satin slips with spaghetti straps are my go to for monetising my roll necks even more. I love wearing these styles with chunky trainers.

Animal print midi dresses are also a must for my wardrobe this autumn.

Mini dresses are where my tights dilemma lies however these below I think would make the cut.


Can never get enough of denim skirts.

Snake print and leather? LOVE.

I feel like Hollister still gets a bad rep to this day because of its association with its bright tees and our questionable 13 year old style choices – yet I am impressed by this skirt as it combines both the tweed trend and the sportswear/streetwear with the stripe down the side – If it was stocked in Topshop I think we would give it more than a second glance, yet because its Hollister I think we are inclined to just scroll past.

I love a reworked granny curtain trend tbh.

A leopard print denim skirt is a MUST for my autumn wardrobe – if only I can just bring myself to buy one.


I couldn’t help but see that 60’s style mary jane shoes in block colours and animal prints are on the rise this autumn and personally I’m in love (although, perhaps not the best for rain). I also need some new trainers as mine are falling apart, but I do find that trainers are one of those things that are so personal to someones style as each brand has their signature shape and also some shapes just wouldn’t suit me! Either way here are my trainer picks (Apologies if I offend someone if they are too mainstream or not to your taste).


I always tend to go for a white or black trainer that I can just wear everyday as they go with pretty much everything. However, I do love coloured trainers and ones that are more fun but as trainers feel like such an expensive purchase I just don’t risk it!

Autumn Sandals (because they are a thing!) – the perfect transition piece.

So, before I delve any further in autumn shopping and feeling sad cause I’m feeling poor at the moment, I have decided to stop here. You may think but wait what about trousers? Im not a dress and skirt kind of person. But what about boots? And surely there are plenty more coats. Well, keep your eyes peeled as I will reveal my pre-autumn (or perhaps at that point it will just be autumn) picks part 2 at some point in the next few weeks which will include knits, boots, trousers and perhaps another coat or two!

Hope you have enjoyed reading and happy shopping!

Molly x

Header pic courtesy of GQ Magazine. (Her outfit is so nice and what I wish I will look like)

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