New Year, New Resolutions.

New Years Resolutions are our way of telling ourselves that we will always do better and strive to become better. Focusing on our imperfections, we want to, at the end of this year, achieve something worthy to improve our self-esteem. However, as attractive as a clean slate is, often these ideas dwindle into nothingness. For years on end I have wanted to become more flexible, yet months pass by and I still am yet to be to able to touch my toes. These false promises you think about now, delay until January the 1st (for they cannot be ‘new years resolutions’ if you get a headstart in December and forget about by January 2nd ).

But this year, I have decided to document what my new year’s resolutions would actually be and hopefully I will atleast achieve 1 (we can only hope).

  1. Figure out what ‘self-care’ is and how I can achieve it

For those who are in my inner circle – they know that my mental health hasn’t honestly been the best these last few months. Fortunately, the stigma surrounding mental health is slowly being eroded and we can discuss our mental health without fear of judgement. Time and time again in the modern media articles and photos stress the importance of self-care and do the things that you love doing to restore some balance in your life and self. This same thing was repeated to me by my counsellor saying well ‘what do you love doing?’ and I was honestly stuck. It felt similar to those questions that are asked, well “think of a fun fact about yourself”. And I replied in an almost alien voice to myself ‘well I love cooking’, but I honestly in that split second could not think of anything more! Even though I know deep down there are lots more. The generic self -care you hear about is reading a book you enjoy, physical exercise and socialising with friends. Yet, despite these things being worthy and helpful to most they still feel so broad and I know for myself even after all these things sometimes I do not feel wholeheartedly complete or ‘cured’. So, this year is for myself to figure out what really works for me deep down and whether that relaxes me, balances me and makes me feel more myself again.


  1. Become more educated and aware

This may appear broad but I have decided this year I will make a conscious effort to read more newspapers and online articles on current affairs. Become more knowledgable on our political system and also other countries. Create my own personal opinions and not those nurtured by someone else. I often get frustrated at myself when a political topic comes up in conversation with family members or with friends and I flounder at something to contribute. I refuse to be talked down to or be subject of rolled eyes anymore. The girl who doesn’t know what she is talking about or the girl who has her head in the clouds, more concerned with glitter and fripperies than our actual real and concrete existence.

  1. Start a new skill.

Again, incredibly broad. But I have been saying for months that I would want to try my hand at an online graphic design course, learn how to work a proper camera, do a pottery class, a life-drawing class etc. I often hold myself back from doing so many things and trying new things for fear I am not going to be good enough. This will most likely be achieved after my degree.


  1. Get back into the blog (properly)

I keep on saying this to my friends, after I graduate, I want to nourish this fetal mess that is ‘mollyrachel’ and make it look nice, get good quality photographs, updating weekly, maybe bring back the old blog Instagram you know? Just invest more time into it than a blog post every couple of months. As you may have noticed, my layout is different as is my domain, I was very blessed that this Christmas my own domain was bought for me as a surprise gift and I am going to actually try my best at making it look like a proper blog, and show my style more.


Image from Pexels

5. Donate hair to the Little Princess Trust

I have been saying that I have wanted to do this for quite a while now. The Little Princess Trust provide free wigs to children and young adults who have sadly lost their hair to cancer. Anyone can easily donate hair (if it is long enough) and it is such a worthy cause to get involved with and help. I have been growing my hair for almost a year now and hopefully in a couple of months time it will be long enough and healthy enough for me to donate.


Thanks for reading!!

Molly x



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