ASOS Competition!!

Hi Guys,
In my last blog post I said that I would be writing more, sadly this coincided with my laptop breaking but now new laptop is here, I am back (sounds cringey already) and I have a really exciting thing to share with you.
If you saw my Instagram, Snapchat stories from the last week and a tweet or two, you may know that I am currently working for ASOS and Seed marketing as a student brand ambassador for ASOS’ go beyond basic campaign.



As you can tell I look pretty happy about it…

The Go Beyond Basic Campaign is based on designing and reinventing the ‘humble white tee’. A range of predesigned tees created by artists and illustrators from around the world are available to choose from and are sent to you FOR FREE (new oversized pyjama t-shirt anyone?) or you can design your own t-shirt, by uploading your own design or using ASOS icons and coming up with your own witty slogan which…

  1. The top 200 get selected by the ASOS team
  2. The public vote for their favourite
  3. Top 20 get a range of exciting prizes plus the winner gets a hefty £5000 and their designed tee sold on ASOS. Which is perfect for if you are a burgeoning designer, secret arty enthusiast, or just a regular student who has spent all their student loan within one day!
    So how can you get involved?
  4. Follow this link to sign up for their student discount – this is attached to your account until you graduate then follow their instructions to get your free TEE!
  5. All you need is a student email address (ends in and a bunch of creative ideas!
    If you want to read full terms and conditions follow this link:
    I am so excited and honoured to be representing ASOS especially as they are one of the UK’s top fashion destinations embracing diversity, sustainability, and creativity.
    Be bold, be daring, be brave!
    Molly xx


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