Valentines Day

Dear Lover’s of love,

As the grand philosopher of our generation, Fred from First Dates said, ‘You can have diamond rings, fancy things, but if you don’t have love – at the end you have got nothing.’ In my view, you can’t ever have enough diamonds but that is besides the point. I’m pretty sure that most of you are aware that the day of Saint Valentine is fast approaching. The tradition of courtly love has now become no more than a simple swipe left or swipe right, or a ‘you up’ text at 3am. Ah! Young love! And the trials and tribulations associated with it.

Either way, if you are lucky enough to be going out for a date or hitting the town with your best gal pals, the most important person to treat this Valentines Day is yourself. This may sound cliché, but is unashamedly true. I have searched high and low for clothes that are deemed ‘Valentine’s appropriate’ by the holy grail of online shopping, and have come up with a few of my faves.

First Date:

If your first date is on Valentines Day this year. Go you. I am super excited about how keen you both are and am looking forward to the progression of this budding relationship. My first date outfit advice would be dress to impress but dress for you. Wear something that makes you feel confident and you know you look good in. Don’t worry about whether you look too formal, too casual, too slutty etc. Because, at the end of the day, no matter what clothes you wear, they will like you for you.

This Motel dress and Pretty Little Thing Co-ord ticks all the right boxes, the colours and fabric are very ‘valentine’ plus it brings the sweetness that first dates are typically associated with.

If you are a ‘thing’:

If you are with someone but kind of not with someone, I feel your pain this Valentine’s Day. Part of you hopes that they will hopelessly whisk you off your feet and profess their undying adoration for you (sober mind, and not under any influence of jaegerbombs). The other part of you doesn’t want to make it too intense, is it too serious if you spend Valentines Day together? Will they run away and cower if you suggest doing something no matter how casual? Regardless, if you do decide to spend Valentines Day together, it is always good to show them the five spice that you are.  But again, if you make too much effort then it shows them that you LIKE them – the one word and four letters that so many of our generation are scared to utter to one another. If you have exhausted the classic combination of ‘jeans and a nice top’ around them then no fear.

Pretty Little Thing’s leopard print skirt shows that you possess sass and also is understated enough for them not to notice it and compliment it (even though you secretly want them too). Motel’s dress has the perfect amount of frill to slap them with if they don’t end up treating you right, and this Pretty Little Thing Co-ord is just the right amount of sass if you want to end up leaving dramatically but also shows them how much of a catch you are.


If you are in a relationship:

This could be your first Valentine’s Day, or one of many. Regardless, you both know that you are this generation’s answer to a power couple and aren’t afraid to show it. Valentine’s Day to you is no different from any other. If you decide to parade your relationship out on the town or spend a cosy night in (and thus flaunting the dinner you cooked each other on Instagram) then you are guaranteed to look amazing doing so.

Lets be honest, this is the most fun. The best evenings are spent with your trusted female confidants drinking your weight in Zinfandel rose. Perhaps, you may want to spend the evening together having a ‘classy’ one that will evidently end up burning your ex’s stuff, tagging each other in memes that are ‘so us’ and taking bets on who will be the first to cry. Conversely, Valentines Day may be the day that you slut drop so hard that you need two knee replacements by the end of the evening. You spend the night grinding up against a 5/10 lad who uses his student discount at Mcdonalds only to give his ONS a cheeseburger that he didn’t even need to pay for. Likewise, your Instagram and Snapchat will be showing the world how fearless and independent that you are. That the grass is definitely greener on your lawn because you water and fertilize yourself and no one else.

This Club L dress is malleable enough to perform the said slut drops in, whereas this black jumpsuit could be symbolic of your black heart.

The Underwear:

The amount of beautiful lacy underwear that surfaces around Valentines Day is probably my favourite part. If like myself you cannot afford the beautiful skivvies that For Love and Lemon’s offer – I have currently been drooling over these bodies and resisting the urge to splurge my student loan. Furthermore, with the underwear as outerwear trend serving multiple looks on the dancefloor, it is a good investment. Plus you definitely didn’t buy it to please anyone but yourself.


Regardless, I hope everyone is treated well this Valentine’s Day, if by your significant other, your girl squad, or if you are just treating yourself.

Lots of love,

Molly x


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