Christmas 2016: My overpriced wishlist

Santa baby,

I have been an awful good girl this year. (Honestly I have!) I got good grades, haven’t treated myself too much and I have not made that many bad decisions (yet, we still have 25 days). Therefore, I like to think I have made it to your good list this year. I hope your budget can stretch for these wonderful ‘necessities’.

Lots of love, Molly x


Right, enough grovelling. Christmas is the time of year where it is acceptable to be constantly sparkly and eat twice your body weight in roast potatoes. It is one of the few occasions where you can get sozzled with your family members and consume 6 different types of cheese in one sitting. Every year it has been a custom of mine to create Christmas lists and email them (yes email them) to all of my wonderful family in a not very subtle fashion listing all of the pieces of clothing that I want but definitely do not need. That being said, this year I have decided to utilise my blog and post to the world what I would want for Christmas this year. So if a handsome stranger wants to bequeath me a gift – it shouldn’t be too much of a struggle for them.


  1. A Fluffy Hand Bag

    Pretty Little Thing Christah Rose Faux Fur Chain Shoulder Bag – £18.

    For those that know me dearly, my beloved prad bag (now ‘pra’) needs replacing. It was a fake Prada bag that I bought for myself in Vietnam, and while it has served me well it is consequently falling apart. I couldn’t think of a better replacement than this fluffy delight – plus it could double as a pillow substitute after a night out when you fail to make it to your bed.

2. More Chokers (Preferably a pink velvet and glitzy choker)

Chokers have literally been everywhere these past couple of months and its easy to see why as they are SO flattering! Who knew a piece of material around your neck is the piece de resistance of an outfit!

Shoes (I’m a size 6 btw)

3. Pink/Nude Trainers

I have 3 pairs of pink trainers and frankly that is just not enough for me.

4.  Ankle Boots


Public Desire Sock Boots – £39.99

Not as exciting as the others but these are very versatile and super flattering.

5. Over the Knee Boots


Dune Sybil Boots – £160

Because over the knee boots are sassy. nuff’ said.

Clothes (only just getting there)

6. Denim Jacket

I love these jackets more than Kanye loves Kanye.

7. The ULTIMATE party dress

My love affair with dresses will never end!! I know I don’t need any more but where is the fun in that? I just cannot get enough of satin and sequin dresses. Sorry not sorry.

8. Pink Faux Fur Coat

You are literally the epitome of a walking marshmallow when you wear this what is not to love!

P.S FAVES are definitely the Missguided Denim Jacket and Missguided Fur Coat. Also only just realised that most of these clothes are from Missguided… but hey who cares.


I read too.

Mariano Vivanco – Portraits Nudes Flowers – £35

Aimee Song – Capture Your Style – £9

Sophia Amorus0 – #GirlBoss – £7

Alexandra Shulman – Inside Vogue: A Diary of my 100th year – £12



  1. Alexa on January 6, 2017 at 1:09 am

    All of these items are adorable! I hope you got everything you wanted and had the best holidays!

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