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It is a truth universally acknowledged that on Halloween it is acceptable for the youths of today to dress in their finest costumes and parade themselves around the town in an unsightly and ungodly manner. I have no shame in saying that I also partook in this carnival affair. Not only is it acceptable to dress frightfully, but now halloween costumes have expanded far and beyond what is known as conventionally scary. Halloween has become a symbol for us to embrace the pop culture that has been rife on our screens for the past few years. For example, as I ventured to the metropolis that is Pryzm twice in one weekend (kill me), I counted numerous Harley Quinns and Jokers. Likewise, I also saw someone dressed as an inflatable snowman. Therefore, the halloween spectrum is quite vast.

However, the point of this post is not just to prattle on about the various halloween outfits that I saw. Rather, it is to showcase my shallow attempt to try and come up with something fairly original, but also equally different for photos and Instagram’s sake.

In a panic on Sunday the 23rd of October, with Halloween in full sight, I raided the ASOS website. I wasn’t even sure of what I wanted. I was blind, confused, a wreck to say the least. My student loan meant nothing to me in that moment. Every year I tell myself that I will not go as something ‘gothic’ and just slap some fake blood on myself and call it a costume. But then I see something that fits that gothic description and I lose my inhibitions very quickly. Call me a clothes slut if you will.

For my first costume, I decided to get this dress from ASOS. Why? Because it was fun, tongue in cheek and also slightly raunchy. A few of things that I unashamedly wanted to convey this Halloween.

Dress: ASOS Tall

Chokers: Johnny Loves Rosie and Missguided


Secondly, I decided I wanted to unleash my inner Regina George and go as a rabbit for Halloween: again, fun and raunchy. Also I felt that by adding a fake cut I alternatively became roadkill. My second basic costume had so many levels.


Playsuit: Topshop

Fishnet Tights: ASOS

Over the Knee boots (see later pic): Primark

My fellow friends and drinking partners were a tad more creative than myself:


Claudia Hogg: Alien (Topshop silver playsuit); Izzy Denham: Black Widow (Missguided bodysuit and leather trousers); Vicky Hillman: Clown (Mock American Apparel tennis skirt and Topshop lace bodysuit)


Tara Lowson: Tara Croft – Oh the pun. (New Look strappy top, old pair of shorts, gun holsters and toy guns from amazon)

Ideas that never came to fruition:

  • A snake
  • Donald Trump
  • Zombie baseball player
  • A unicorn
  • Brexit
  • Bakexit

Thank you for reading! x

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