I Have a Crush on Pink Velvet

Disclaimer 26th June 2020: Due to change and education, I have made a pledge to promote only sustainable brands and garments from now on that both fight for a circular economy in fashion and pay garment workers a fair living wage. I have decided to keep all of the former brands and items listed in this blog post as well as keep the original writing for future readers and portfolio. Enjoy reading, shop sustainably. 

DISCLAIMER: None of the photos are mine, unless stated. Photos are courtesy of ASOS, Missguided, Urban Outfitters, Pretty Little Thing, Topshop, American Apparel Tumblr and other various Tumblr users. If you want to claim these images or would like me to recognize your photography please do not hesitate to contact me.

Saccharine, yet seductive: pink velvet evokes two polarising aesthetics yet with equally endearing charm. Such as, Juicy Couture tracksuits versus your grandma’s curtains. The luxe and dusty feel that velvet brings is offset by the carefree, fun and understatedly raunchy pink. I believe that pink is the most powerful colour. Its unashamedly feminine and youthful. Fashion’s attachment to pink in the past few seasons shows that people are no longer afraid to wear the bold hue. They will no longer be categorised as ‘weak’ or  ‘girly’. My reason for choosing this colour and fabric for my first focal is simply that. Sporting pink velvet may unleash your inner playboy bunny boiler or rather your sweet butter-wouldn’t-melt side. american-apparel-tumblr

My first aesthetic is the American Apparel girlhood. The innocent and playful manner that pink iamerican-apparel-tumblr-2s associated with contrasts with the seductive feel that velvet brings. Online shops like Missguided, Pretty Little Thing, American Apparel and O-mighty capitalise on this. Portraying a dramatic damsel not in distress but to impress. Wear these pieces on a night out to maintain the image of coquettish perfection.


Pretty Little Thing Layala Dress in Dusty Pink  £12.00


Missguided Bardot Wrap Long Sleeve Dress £20.00




ASOS Petite Exclusive Cami Dress with Pleats £25.00


Missguided Crushed Velvet Bardot Mini Dress on ASOS £35.00


My second aesthetic is for the opulent hopeless romantic. Set in a cosmopolitan city like Venice, its a fresh spin on your grandma’s curtains. Imagine yourself twirling through the piazza in this ASOS midi dress or skirt. Sashay down the enchanting side streets in ASOS’ delicate jacket. Or wait by Doge’s palace for your il innamorato in Topshop’s pink velvet slingbacks.


ASOS Kimono Tie Velvet Plunge Midi Dress £40.00



ASOS Reclaimed Vintage Luxury Velvet Kimono £60.00


Topshop GIRL velvet slingbacks £42.00


ASOS Wrap Midi Skirt in Velvet£38.00




Conversely, if neither of your inner romanticism and girlhood want to be satisified. A pink velvet choker is a tender nod to the trend. Vampy in style but delicate to touch, it adds a feminine twist to any outfit. If you want a little more, pink velvet boots dresses up that ‘jeans and a nice top’ combo that you were planning on wearing out with the girls. Or if you want be comfy and sophisticated, these Urban Outfitters and Boohoo pink velvet trousers can be worn on a night in with an oversized tee, or on a night out with a lacy bodysuit. Pink velvet packs a punch without the vivid theatrics of red velvet.


ASOS velvet choker £5.00


Daisy Street ankle boots on ASOS £38.00


Missguided crushed velvet block heeled boots £40.00


ASOS Katch Up velvet over the knee boots £55.00


Boohoo Crushed Pink Velvet Trousers £20.00


Urban Outfitters Light Before Dark  Crushed Velvet Culottes £39.00


Missguided velvet choker £4.00


ASOS velvet choker with pearl £6.00

Thank you for reading! I already have my post planned for next week about freshers week so keep your eyes peeled. Also if anyone is more technologically advanced than myself and can help me with arranging my pictures better on this website then that would be really appreciated!

Lots of love,

Molly x

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